What We Do

‘Providing support in the provision of advocacy, carers, well-being, and young people’s support’

What n-compass offers:

We offer flexible and individually personalised services. Our customised support recognises and builds upon an individual’s strengths and abilities, whilst responding to their communication and access needs.

Music is well recognised for its feel good factor and therefore setting up a local choir is just one of the ways n-compass has helped people to reduce isolation and improve their emotional health.

As a caring organisation, we deliver a range of diverse yet complementary services:

- Improve physical and emotional health
- Increase choice and control
- Reduce isolation and loneliness
- Increase independence and reduce the need to depend upon services
- Prevent escalation of issues

Members of the craft group on the right enjoy each other’s company whilst gaining satisfaction and calmness from the creative activities. Each of our services has a distinct team of highly trained staff & volunteers, who all share n-compass' common objectives and are committed to:

- Confidentiality and being open/transparent about how we use your information
- Safeguarding children and adults
- Delivering quality, listening to feedback and continuously improving
- Being accessible to all members of our local communities

Helping you stay independent

Speak to any adult, young or retired, and at the top of most people’s list is the desire to be independent. No-one wants to be in the situation where they rely on other people for everything. That is why n-compass has developed a range of services to help and support local communities to live their own lives.

For instance, learning to cook healthy meals can often be a vital tool in fighting obesity and the associated health risks.Developing a healthier lifestyle is easier said than done, but n-compass professionals will help you set targets and give you the skills to improve your wellbeing.

Often timely, professional support can help us to break out of those destructive cycles that could ultimately damage our lives.

For the elderly community, creating a support structure that allows them to stay in the comfort of their own home is usually a number one priority.

Understanding that desire for independence is central to the work that n-compass does and drives our staff and volunteers in helping local people to achieve the maximum amount of self sufficiency as possible.


"Life should be all about choice and n-compass is committed to giving people control. Our clients are central to what we do and drive forward changes and improvements."