Ambition lies at the heart of our organisation; ambition to continually develop our services to generate the best possible outcomes for citizens; and ambition to support more people through a wider range of services, across a broader geographic, regional footprint.

This ambition is driven by a clear vision:

"To make a positive difference and enhance life opportunities for adults and young people disadvantaged by disability, physical & mental."

Stakeholders can be reassured that whether we are delivering with, or on behalf of a school, a CCG, a Local Authority or a housing partner, we always take strengths based approach to make these positive differences. We recognise that it is essential that people build resilience, not reliance, and as such n-compass has adopted the principles of Asset Based Community Development to underpin all of our services.

These principles are evident through all our core work which focuses on improving wellbeing in its broadest sense, not only through physical and mental health improvement initiatives, but also more holistically through supporting individuals with self-efficacy, empowerment and social connectedness.

As an organisation, we take great pride in our ability to support every individual we come into contact with, whether that’s through our funded provision or through our ongoing commitment to bringing additional social value to the places we work in and the people we work with.