Do something different

Where possible working in partnership is always our preferred approach. Our experience has shown that working alongside partners whether they are voluntary, public or private sector, will often bring improved outcomes for the people we support and better value for money for funders and commissioners.

From an organisational point of view it also allows us to share our learning and expertise with those around and conversely learn from others in order to continue to achieve our vision of developing a dynamic and relevant organisation that places quality of service at the heart of everything it does.

Feedback from partners and stakeholders is an invaluable way of testing our effectiveness, not only in delivery, but also in our ability to be an integral part of local health and social care economy.

One of our organisational quality objectives is linked to an annual stakeholder survey which states; ‘80% of stakeholders agree n-compass is a professional and good quality provider of health and social care services’. This feedback informs our approach and demonstrates our commitment to working effectively in partnership with others. In 2016 the response to our stakeholder survey generated a response of 85% of stakeholders were in agreement with this statement which we are very proud of and will look to build upon.

If you would like to discuss further any opportunities for us to work with your organisation then please contact our Business Development Director Paul Howes


"We have been impressed by the approach that you have taken towards building an effective partnership – it feels genuine, open and honest and we look forward to developing it…"

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