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Lancashire Well-Being Service

What is Lancashire Well-Being Service?

"Our aim is to help people lead healthier, longer lives and build personal resilience to cope with life’s challenges."

A free service offering short-term, practical support for Lancashire residents who may be struggling with issues affecting their happiness and health.

Delivered across the County by a consortium of Age Concern Central Lancashire, n-compass and Richmond Fellowship through a team of regionally based Wellbeing Workers. The service has been commissioned by Lancashire County Council on a 3 year contract from September 2015.

Referrals are invited from a wide range of services and people can be referred if they are over 18 and have 1 or more of the following underlying issues:

1. Mild mental health problems (such as low mood, anxiety, stress and mild depression)

2. Social isolation, loneliness, few or poor social networks

3. Experiencing difficult circumstances e.g. problems with family, finance, employment

4. Struggling to cope / feeling overwhelmed

5. Support in relation to health living and developing a healthier lifestyle through understanding and adapting behaviour

Over a number of sessions one of the service’s Wellbeing Workers will support the individual and encourage them to set realistic, achievable goals and take steps needed to stay well and maintain their independence for a better quality of life.

Referrals can be made by telephone to 03450 138208 (Monday to Friday, 8am - 6pm), on-line at or by e-mail to




Charlotte's Story

Charlotte was referred into the Lancashire Wellbeing Service by Rehabilitation Services at Pendle Community Hospital. Charlotte had a stroke a year ago which has impacted on her mobility, memory, coordination and hearing. Charlotte was also experiencing stress as a result of issues with her benefits. At the initial appointment, Charlotte’s Wellbeing Worker used coaching techniques to enable her to identify strengths, goals and potential solutions. Charlotte is passionate about animals and has a great deal of knowledge and experience caring for farm animals and dogs (previously running her own dog training business). Charlotte’s goals were to improve her independence, grow her support network and eventually work with animals. Initially, Charlotte said she felt quite hopeless about the future because of her health, lack of confidence and the fact that she had no formal qualifications. However, after exploring these barriers with her Wellbeing Worker, Charlotte joined the library and used the internet to find a level 3 Animal Management Extended Diploma. As a disabled student, Charlotte found she was able to access a range of practical and financial support. Charlotte was also provided with information about a new Stroke Survivors Group, her local pain management clinic and volunteering opportunities with animals for the Cinnamon Trust.

Charlotte is now attending the Stroke Survivors Group and found that she benefited from talking to people who had similar experiences. She is feeling hopeful again and has regained some confidence. Charlotte applied for a place on the Level 3 Animal Management Course, attended an interview and was accepted. She is looking forward to studying from September and is arranging a meeting with the disabled student advisor. After contacting The Cinnamon Trust to enquire about volunteering, Charlotte is now caring for a goat whilst its owner recovers from illness. Further to this, she is now taking horse riding lessons so she can work with a charity which helps children with learning difficulties to gain confidence through riding.

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Who can we help?

Who can we help?

If you are aged 18+ and sometimes feel overwhelmed by problems with finance, health, family, employment, housing; if you are anxious or stressed; if you feel isolated and unable to cope the Lancashire Wellbeing Service is here to help.

People who are -
- Aged 18+

- Live, or are registered with a GP in Lancashire County.

- Have a long term health condition eg mental health illness, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), multiple sclerosis (MS).

- Are experiencing anxiety, stress, mild depression, isolation, loneliness, challenging circumstances and/or who require support to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

- Are ready to set and work toward goals

How do I find out more?

For more information or to seek confidential support please contact Lancashire Wellbeing Service.

Telephone: 03450 138 208

Free Practical Help Towards A Better Life

Things you might find useful

Things you might find useful

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“I cannot praise the service enough and thank my wellbeing worker, nothing was too much trouble. My life and health has now taken a turn for the better, my finances have as well. The extra money I have secured has made a world of difference to my life. I certainly would recommend the service very highly.” Katie, Client

“This service has been invaluable to me. I feel that my life has begun again. When I look back to how I was this time 3 months ago, it’s great [to see] how far I’ve come. I know I’ve got a long way to go before getting back to ‘normal’ but I [feel] so much more positive about the future now. I don’t want to focus on being ill and in pain; I want to focus on me and my life going forward.” Stuart, Client

“That is amazing news. I would like to share this information with my management, so they may share the experience with other members of the team. This case has been going on a long time and since your intervention it is clear that things are now moving forward thank you”. Following a case where a wellbeing worker supported a customer to address longstanding hoarding issues. Harriet, Professional


“We were and are still amazed at the level of compassion and professionalism given by your team”
Fred and Alice Brown

"Lancashire Wellbeing helped me a great deal giving me a focus to things that might change in my life to improve my wellbeing. Also opened me up to other options and agencies that might be of benefit. Thank you".
Huw Pritchard

"The staff are pleasant and polite and helpful with the issues I had and gave me the support and information that

was helpful".
Shanta Patel

"Mary really helped me and was extremely courteous and none judgemental. She really helped with confidence and reassured me that people do care about the wellbeing of others". Olivia Coles