Why Volunteer?

People volunteer for a whole range of reasons. Many just want to help and support their local community, some are looking for work experience, or perhaps they are retired and want to stay active.

Whatever your reasons and whoever you are, we offer flexible opportunities that enable you to donate your time in a way that fits in with your life.

No previous experience is needed as we believe absolutely everybody has something valuable to offer.

When you first contact us we will identify your interests, experiences, and availability then match you to a role which maximises your potential and ensures you get the most out of the experience.

You could help by sitting with someone whilst their carer is elsewhere. or supporting people to access mental health services.

Perhaps you would be suited to motivating and supporting people to adopt healthier lifestyles, or by providing information and guidance over the telephone and, of course, our board of Trustees are themselves volunteers.

No matter where in the organisation they give their time, our volunteers all agree that they get a huge sense of wellbeing by giving something back and making a real difference to their local community.

Volunteers can also access the SPICE credit scheme.

To find out more about our volunteer opportunities, please ask to speak to our Volunteer Co-ordinator – Ian Leadbeater.

Don’t worry - full training and ongoing support is provided, but you must be aged 16+ and are required to undergo a Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) check and provide two references.

Here are the stories of just a few of our 120 volunteers:

Giving something back
Amit is a solicitor with a large firm in Preston. His family used our services and he feels strongly that he wants to give something back. He works full time, so his time is limited, but he has offered to support us on a consultancy basis.

Overcoming isolation
Derek is unemployed and struggling to find work. He feels isolated and worries that he may turn to drink to cope. He wants to stay well himself, but also use his free time in a positive way. He called into CVS in Skelmersdale and was referred to n-compass and now supports his local community through volunteering.

Gaining satisfaction
Ruth is very successful in her job. She works hard and whilst her job is draining, it’s not satisfying and she feels no sense of worth. She was looking through the internet for solutions and came across volunteering. Ruth is now volunteering with our Sitting in Service in the Fleetwood area spending time with Tim (age 87) for 3 hours a week while his full time carer gets a much needed break.

A pathway to work
Kelly began volunteering in June 2014 - as a mum of four grown up children she had time on her hands. Volunteering filled this space in her life and she hoped it may lead to some paid work. Volunteering gave Andrea renewed confidence and, in April 2016, she secured a job with n-compass working in health settings to identify and support carers.

Filling the gap
Mary’s mother sadly passed away last year - she was her full time carer. Now Mary, who lives over Wyre, is using her personal experience and offering her free time to support others by volunteering for our Sitting in Service.

Using your skills
Robert is a professional counsellor volunteering with our Butterfly & Phoenix Projects. He only works with adults in his private counselling practice and is gaining experience to support a change of direction in his business.

Keeping active
Helen from Preston has recently retired after a long career in retail and despite looking forward to spending some quality time with friends and family she wants to keep herself active and support her local community. Helen is now a volunteer with our Sitting in Service by spending 2 hours a week with Marjory.