n-compass Carers provides a range of services to support adult Carers aged 18+ :-

Mental Health Carers Support Service

n-compass Mental Health Carers Support Service provides support & information to Adult Carers and Former Carers  who care for and who have cared for people with Mental Health conditions. This is a Countywide service, funded by Lancashire County Council and managed by n-compass North West Ltd.

n-compass Carers Point!

n-compass Carers Point! supports  Carers, Parent Carers and Former Carers  across North Lancashire.   The aim of n-compass Carers Point! is to:

  • Provide information
  • Support Carers to know their rights and access other services relevant to their situation
  • Support Carers to engage in activities which give them a break from their caring role
  • Influence change within local, county and national level services – with direction from Carers

It is a project funded by Lancashire County Council and managed by n-compass North West Ltd.

Carers Activities

Supports Carers through the provision of a variety of social activities.  These monthly activities include going out for meals, coffee and chats, visiting places of interest, going on walks and much more. New members will receive a warm welcome on attending any of these activities.  Details of these activities can be found in our newsletters:-

Newsletter – Winter 2014 – 2015

Newsletter – Autumn 2014

Newsletter – Summer 2014

Newsletter – Spring 2014

Newsletter – Winter 2013

Newsletter – Autumn 2013

One to One support

Make an appointment for a Carers support worker to visit you at home or the venue of your choice, to discuss support and information you may require.Contact the Carers information line on 0345 688 7113

Carers Assessments

A Carers Assessment is your chance to discuss your role as a Carer; how being a Carer affects you and how much caring you can realistically do as well as highlighting any help you may need; we can support you to access one and in many cases complete one for you.

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Carers who are registered with n-compass Carers Point! are eligible to apply for a grant from ‘Time For Me Fund’ . Unfortunately former Carers are not eligible for this fund as it is provided to give existing Carers a break. The ‘Small Groups Fund’ has been set up to support local groups who are not eligible for funding from national charities or other parent organisations (except in exceptional circumstances).

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Peace of Mind 4 Carers

Through our Peace of Mind for Carers Service Carers can be sure that the person they care for is not left without help and support in the event of an emergency. Plans are free, provide 24 hour contingency and up to 72 hours of free care.

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Sitting In Service

A volunteer to sit with the person you care for, in some cases, while you take a break from your caring role. Providing support for low level need.

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Coffee and Chats

Meet and chat with other Carers and take a break from your caring role. Speak to an n-compass Carers Point! worker, enjoy some refreshments and take the opportunity to find out about our services and other support available in your area.

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Have Your Say!

As a Carer, we encourage you to ensure that your voice is heard and that you have the opportunity to have your say.

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Additional Information for Carers

Find out about Hospital Passports for Carers here or download one here

Read about Carers Health and Well being here

Read about Working Carers here

Watch a video about our latest Carers Conference here