New Year's resolutions


New Year's resolutions

Every year millions of people make New Year’s resolutions, yet almost 80% of us fail to achieve them. Many of us set unrealistic goals and set ourselves up for failure.

For 2018 why not try to focus on making small changes to help improve your mental and physical health, and start the New Year feeling more positive about the year ahead. Here are some tips to start off your year in a positive way and focus on feeling good within yourself rather than striving to achieve unrealistic goals.

Be kind to yourself. New years resolutions are usually aimed at something you think is negative about yourself and that you wish to change. This starts of the year in a negative way, why not set a resolution to take up a new hobby or activity to improve your self-esteem.

Make time for relationships. It is very easy to connect with hundreds of people via social media and feel that you are maintaining good relationships with friends and family, but there is nothing more important than spending quality time with the people you are closest to. This year why not make plans to spend time to unwind with friends and family on a regular basis and maintain those valuable relationships.

Exercise. We all know that many people want to lose weight as a New Years resolution and this is one of the resolutions that people regularly fail to achieve. However, exercise is a great way to maintain good mental and physical health. This year why not set a goal to improve your activity levels by doing small things such as taking the stairs instead of the lift, walking to the supermarket and doing lower body exercises while sitting at work or watching TV.