n-compass Asks You To Look Behind The Smile


n-compass Asks You To Look Behind The Smile

This month n-compass is launching a new campaign, 'Behind The Smile', in conjunction with our Butterfly and Phoenix projects, a service that supports 11-17 year olds who are struggling to cope.

This innovative campaign sheds light on a topic that is often littered with stereotypes by breaking the stigma surrounding those who self-harm, educating adults on the warning signs of self-harm in young people and also promoting the help available.

Statistics show that 13% of 11-16-year-olds self-harm, though this number could be significantly higher as very few teenagers discuss self-harming with an adult or doctor. This statistic expresses the urgent need for both children and adults to be educated on the subject of self-harm, and how to make it a topic that people can comfortably talk about.

The two videos below demonstrate two teenagers suffering from different forms of self-harm. These stories show the journey each individual has gone through, from the root of their self-harm to coping with it in the present day.

You can support the campaign by sharing the message on social media using the hashtag #BehindTheSmile.