Janet Walton


Janet's professional background is in Public Health, particularly health improvement. She has an MSc in Health Education/ Health Promotion and has held various positions in the field, beginning in 1994 after a complete career change from radiography to working in the Health Education department at Burnley as a Stop Smoking Advisor, and after that as coordinator of the Health Promoting Hospitals project. From there, she moved to work in Bradford and set up the new Stop Smoking Service after central government funding was made available to help smokers to quit on the NHS. After 5 years in Bradford , Janet moved back to work in East Lancashire and took up the post of Health Promotion manager for the East Lancashire Public Health Network. Several NHS reorganisations later, she moved to Lancashire County Council and took up the post of Head of Public Health Commissioning for Adults and Wellbeing, when the responsibility for Public Health transferred to local government in 2013. Janet then retired from LCC at the end of 2015 and has recently become a trustee for n-compass whose emphasis on a holistic approach to health and wellbeing is very much in line with her own ethos, and where she hopes to be able to bring her skills and experience to benefit the organisation and the people who use its services.