David Lodge


David's association with n-compass started by becoming a Volunteer Advocate following retirement from a career initially in banking and then for over thirty years in Information Technology. David is no stranger to change which stood him in good stead when he first became a Trustee of n-compass and subsequently when he was elected Chairman in 2009. David has a son who he looks after with his wife and cared for in his early adult life through a long and serious illness. As part of his rehabilitation, he took advantage of doing some voluntary work for n-compass, a valuable contribution the organisation make to the community.

David believes it is his good fortune to lead a Board of Trustees which has a wide breadth of experience and skills to meet each challenge as it arises. The n-compass Management Team and all the staff are dedicated to providing first class services and it is quite humbling when they go beyond the call of duty to make a difference which they often do. In essence, that is what n-compass is about, namely to make a difference to peoples’ lives for the better and that is the overriding reason why David is so pleased to be able to help make this happen.

David is the Chairman of the Audit Committee.