Annual Report

As Chair I am very proud of the work our staff and volunteers have done in working towards our vision of enhancing the wellbeing of people across the North West by providing localised, innovative and responsive services. As an organisation we strive to achieve the very highest levels of satisfaction from both our service users and commissioners whilst also being a good organisation to work for. By way of illustration in 2015/16 we achieved positive outcomes for over 16,000 people through the delivery of £4m of health and social care services.

Some of the highlights include the fact that almost 5,000 previously hidden carers were identified by n compass enabling them to access support to help with their role.

On the Wirral our Advocacy team achieved a resounding 100% satisfaction from professionals.

It is particularly gratifying that all of the young people we supported in one - one counselling sessions have reduced or ceased their self-harming and destructive behaviours.

And 71% of people supported by the Health & Wellbeing Service felt a reduction in anxiety and depression.

That is just a snap shot of the fantastic outcomes contained within our annual report. The Board of Trustees is very aware of the hard work and professionalism demonstrated every single day by our teams working across the region, sometimes in partnership with other organisations but always with dedication and enthusiasm.

Barbara Aird